Tibet Trip

2015 Oct Tibet

A great trip with Dr. Chung-Pai Chang, Cutie, Wei, and Shanshan.

We went across the rifting belt of the southern Tibet and looked for the evidence of fault activity.

2014 Sep Tibet

Another wonderful trip with Shanshan, LittleC, Wei, and Ciduo. We have visited the Yanbajin(羊八井) section of the Rifting area and some parts of the catchments south of the Yarlung-Tsangpo.

2011 Sep Tibet

This year the field trip came with rough weather and loads of unexpected conditions, yet great people and outcrops made everything worthwhile. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Anchuan Fan, Dr. Ming-Xing Gao, Ling-Ho Chung, Xin-Zhe Sun, Doggy Chen and Sheldon. We have reached the center of the Lhasa Terrane and looked for the evidence of strike slip offsets.

2010 Sep Tibet

This year we had the chance to track down the fault scarps of the Yanbajin area and completed the survey of the lacustrine terrace in Bayi. The field survey was done with Ling-Ho Chung, Shujun Zhao, LittleC, and Dr. Yue-Gau Chen. The normal faulting system is so active and provides the heat to the geothermal power plants along the mountain front.

2007 Apr Tibet Field trip

Yoohoo~!! Here we are again! Exciting expedition searching for the outcrops of lacustrine sediments of Nyang River. The inspiring work was done with Dr. Yue-Gau Chen, Ling-Ho Chung, Jing-Wei Liu, Shujun Zhao, and Nina Lin. While me and my fellows were working on the lacustrine strata, Ling-Ho Chung was investigating the strike-slip fault that bounds the northern boundary of the Lhasa Terrane.

2006 Aug Tibet Field Trip

TIBET!!! Never thought I would end up working on the roof of the world!!!! (OK, this is not the end, this is a fabulous start!) Thanks for our great field mentors: Dr. Zhongquan Cao and Dr. Gongming Yin from Tibet and Beijin respectively. Dr. Yue-Gau Chen led a group of us to investigate the river morphology of the Yarlung-Tsangpo and its relation to the regional tectonics.It was fun working with Kuang-Yin Lai, Ling-Ho Chung, Nina Lin and Jing-Wei Liu and we had a blast during the trip.