Friday, January 2, 2015

2007 Apr Tibet Field trip

Yoohoo~!! Here we are again! Exciting expedition searching for the outcrops of lacustrine sediments of Nyang River. The inspiring work was done with Dr. Yue-Gau Chen, Ling-Ho Chung, Jing-Wei Liu, Shujun Zhao, and Nina Lin. While me and my fellows were working on the lacustrine strata, Ling-Ho Chung was investigating the strike-slip fault that bounds the northern boundary of the Lhasa Terrane.

Beautifully laminated rhythmites. Cannot ask more.

YES! We love sedimentary structures!!!!!

Who wants that bag of sand?

Sometimes it really takes a lot searching before you find the right outcrop, but in the end every step counts : )

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