Thursday, January 1, 2015

2006 Aug Tibet Field Trip

TIBET!!! Never thought I would end up working on the roof of the world!!!! (OK, this is not the end, this is a fabulous start!) Thanks for our great field mentors: Dr. Zhongquan Cao and Dr. Gongming Yin from Tibet and Beijin respectively. Dr. Yue-Gau Chen led a group of us to investigate the river morphology of the Yarlung-Tsangpo and its relation to the regional tectonics.It was fun working with Kuang-Yin Lai, Ling-Ho Chung, Nina Lin and Jing-Wei Liu and we had a blast during the trip.

Group photo at the confluence of Yarlung-Tsangpo (雅魯藏布) and Nyang River (尼洋河).

Did I mention what has happened to the tree? 
Hint: It's right lateral.

Gorgeous outcrop of rhythmites near Bayi.

Guess where the fault is?

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